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The Blonde Bombshell is a brand new dance production bringing to the spotlight one of Hollywood's most iconic actresses, 'The Blonde Bombshell' herself - 'Marilyn Monroe'

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"The world is endlessly fascinated with the icon that is Marilyn Monroe but we know very little of the details of her life beyond clips of her struggling through swarms of paparazzi. 

This event is like a movie, her story told through music and dance.


It invokes Hollywood’s golden era when dance was a big part of movie making and the choreography combines so many different styes seamlessly to give us the glamour and heartache of her existence. 


The athleticism and grace of the cast and their ability to convey so much emotion through movement is breathtaking. 


I loved it."

- Grainne Seoige ~ Entertainment TV Presenter-

Marilyn, live on stage in The Blonde Bombshell

'Capturing the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood superstar'

Within this unique, dance-based reflection of Marilyn's life, pulses are set racing as the heartwarming moments of our beloved 'Blonde Bombshell' are showcased.

The audience are taken on an unforgettable trip down memory lane, detailing Marilyn's rise to fame from the unknown model Norma Jeane Baker.

This dance-inspired show encapsulates a multitude of dance styles from the elegance of Ballroom and contemporary to the vibrant energy of Jazz and Broadway!

"We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle"

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