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Marilyn's legacy comes to life in an exploration of dance that simply must be seen to be appreciated. 'The Blonde Bombshell' is ready to let you into her world.

This original production gives audiences a front-row seat to what can only be described as one of the greatest tales of all time - Hollywood's obsession with a star they thought they knew ... who barely had the time to even know herself.

With great care and affection, each dance piece showcases the irrepressible tenacity of Marilyn, all the while allowing audiences to experience the sometimes distressing vulnerability of a star who deserved much more than the cards she was dealt in life.

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"The world is endlessly fascinated with the icon that is Marilyn Monroe but we know very little of the details of her life beyond clips of her struggling through swarms of paparazzi. 

This event is like a movie, her story told through music and dance.


It invokes Hollywood’s golden era when dance was a big part of movie making and the choreography combines so many different styes seamlessly to give us the glamour and heartache of her existence. 


The athleticism and grace of the cast and their ability to convey so much emotion through movement is breathtaking. 


I loved it."

- Grainne Seoige ~ Entertainment TV Presenter-


Join Norma Jeane Baker as she navigates the heady heights of Hollywood - from her heartbreaking abandonment as a child, to her glorious acceptance (and accompanying ridicule) as the toast of Tinseltown. Of course, the one consistency to her tumultuous life; her desire to be loved.

From stardom to romance and ultimate reality, 'The Blonde Bombshell' promises to leave audiences with a lasting image of Hollywood's most enduring icon ... and the lady who played the part.

This original dance production features the work of some of the worlds leading dance artists. Be one of the first to witness a truly dynamic piece of theatre that promises to push the boundaries of movement and leave its audiences wanting more ... just like 'The Blonde Bombshell' herself.

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